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xanax 2mg bars

xanax bars 2mg nice firm press no dust nice and solid made with real alp our guy that operates the press is very good with it the pills come out nice and solid not dusty or weak in structure and they contain real alp which took us a while to source .the amount of people that sell etizolam as alp is incredible ,we had it tested and bought etizolam a number of times that was sold to us as alp thats why we have the etizolam pills in stock tested by wendinos a friend sends it for us to be tested ,too many wholesalers were selling bars with etizolam or worse yet doxipin instead of alp so we knew a guy that knew another guy that knew another guy that had a hamster that was the brother to another hamster and luckily for us the owner of the brother hamster was able to point us in the direction of a guy that had a friend who knew someone with a press for sale -so we bought it .

It wasn’t at all easy but we at least know what they contain ,two different binders mixed at 80/20 percent along with the active ingredient of course everything is done properly mixed twice in two mixers before being pressed the dose is accurate as we know the weight per pill so we know how to make them 2mg or 1mg knowing the weight of the pill is important to get correct dose 2 grams of raw alp makes one thousand 2mg pills crazy strong the raw alp is and guess who dipped there finger in it to test it ,i have no memory of who that was but i think i enjoyed it two of our little crew turned up to check i was ok as my messages on encrochat/silent circle whatever we use were absolute gibberish .i woke the next day with a broken foot and no clue what happened .

please note the raw alp we use is a light brown color so the occasional bar may have brown speckles -this is just the alp and nothing to be concerned about ,anybody is welcome to send a bar to wendinos for testing if they are concerned it is free and takes around a week for the results .We have the belief that people have a right to know what they are taking and there is nothing nasty in our bars .

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